T.J. Farms Second Chance, Bronze Medallion

T.J. Farms Ricochet, Bronze Medallion x T.J. Farms Chance, Bronze Medallion
DOB 6/18/01

Puppy Reserve Champion - Fox Cry Spring Fling II 
Reserve Best Bitch Puppy - St. Croix Spring Hunt
Best Working Terrier Bitch - West Virginia Working Terrier Challenge ll

Chance is a compact energetic terrier. She is hard working in the field with great presence in the show ring.


Brooks Chase Luna, Bronze Medallion

Whirlwind Polo, Bronze Medallion x Gills Creek Scout, NHC
DOB 11/30/99

Working Terrier Reserve Champion - R.A. Terrier Trial

Luna is compact, intelligent, and a tireless hunter. Her 
job is to train the "youngsters" in the field with great 


Conquest Cash, NHC

Fox Run Rivet, Bronze Medallion x Conquest Venture

Best Open Terrier - Carolinas Spring Classic II

Cash has one of the best temperaments of any terrier I have known! She hunts, shows, and plays the rest of the time! I wish all terriers were as sweet as this girl.